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Make-up To Combat
he "Mask" Revolution

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Our first 50 customers will get a
free beauty blender 
egg box!

Our foundation price is £16, plus £3.99 P&P - we ship across the UK.

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Wearing a face mask?
No problem!

We have smudge free make-up

Moisture proof, oil free, long lasting, shine control

Fayrose Cosmetics Ltd was created during the pandemic. The intention was to create a durable make-up line that could withstand the current climate whilst still looking good. 
The result was an idea for a foundation that would combat the mask revolution. This was to help pave the way for future make-up.

Contact Fayrose Cosmetics Ltd in London for more details.

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Do you want to take control with
smudge free
foundation make-up?

See what's available in our online store, or contact Fayrose Cosmetics Ltd in London for more details.

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Inspired cosmetics from
Fayrose Cosmetics Ltd in London

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Paving the way for future make-up

Dare You To Take On The Mask Revolution